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New 3 Phase Generator, this keeps the battery at 13.8/14.1volts hence the ignition system is always at its Generatoroptimum. A battery which has 12/13v to start with will drop to 11v or less as soon as the fuel pump kicks in, and even less when the pump is running flat out. The spark is a multiplier of the battery voltage, approx 30,000volts. (2500 times battery voltage). Battery @ 11v = 27500v at plug. Battery @ 14.1v = 35250v at plug. 28% Better! The rotor is 40mm in diameter and weighs only 62g. The windings weigh 300g. Total 362g. This can be offset byfitting a 2.25Kg lighter battery(26.95)  (Performance Gains are 2/4 BHP Rear Wheel)    390.00
Carbon Fibre Fuel Tank (inc. all fittings/fuel cap/breather) to suit Air Box. 590.00
Air box as per picture with carbon duct going to the front of bike. Includes all foam, Air filter element(Dual Stage) Plug caps, Box & Duct, Screws & clips.    
Air Box, Tank, Duct     Duct Entry     Ram-Air Systems/Dyno Runs      Data Sheet
Carbon Mudguard, lighter, more areodynamic, 8% better cooling. Includes Fitting Kit. Most people don't understand that for the rad to work best air speed should be as close to 40mph through the rad as possible - so you want to deflect most of the air away from the rad at the front mudguard and close all the gaps leading to the rad so that the air has to slow down to go through.Carbon Mudguard 145..00
Full Fairing with enclosed Belly Pan, will fit Std or Kit Radiator, full carbon one that weighs only 1.0Kg at £695
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    Carbon £695.00

    Copy of Yamaha Kit Air box(This fits inside the std/carbon tank, with or without the duct) No longer available
    Carbon Dam to modify Std Tank to use as Air Box top 18.00
    Kit rad with cut out for duct.(A Std Rad can be moved down sufficently to clear duct) 195.00
    Thermostat to keep the engine at 55/60 Deg. 24.90
    Sight Glass to plug starter motor when removed. 10.79
    Bellmouths 20mm (Carbon Fibre) Per set.(CV's) Bellmouths 95.00
    Bellmouths 30mm (Carbon Fibre) Per set.(FCR's) FCR Bmouths 120.00
    32mm FCR Flat slide Carbs,(as fitted to '95' FZR400RRSp) 340.00
    Jets/Needles/Needle Seats/Bellmouths(Carbon) etc. For FCR's (to make these work properly) 220.00
    Adjustable pick up with Rotor. Pick up is mounted where genny coils were and is adjustable +/- 8deg. Rotor 130.00
    Titanium Yamaha Kit Needles, 5CT-1, and Needle seats Y-O (we hone std ones to Y-O size) (As A Set) This is for CV carbs.Settings 84.00
    Main Air Jets (120) for CV carbs. Set of 4 qty 24.95
    Kit Yamaha Ignition. This is a price for modifying an existing CDI unit to Yamaha Kit spec. Available on an exchange basis - you must send us a functioning CDI.
  • Ignition: Kit, Std, Restricted, Exup Control'
  • 160.00
    Carbon Seat Sub Frame(Alloy) with Seat Unit Carbon Self Supporting.(inc. Exhaust Bracket) Total weight 800g.speedwerks fzr9Carbon Seat1speedwerks FZR5FZR4SEAT Carbon Seat 390.00
    Standard Seat in Carbon. With Intergral Under Tray. Very hard to test an accurate difference in speed, however Std Carbon with UndertrayStd Carbon with UndertrayStd Carbon with UndertrayStd Carbon with Undertraythe bike pulled approximately 200 rpm more down the back straight at Snetterton when when we tested it at the MRO, slip streamers said afterwards that it was more dificult to get a tow? Weight with alloy sub frame 850g. Also keeps all the dirt out of the Cdi and battery box.

    295.00 inc sub frame


    All carbon self-supporting standard profile seat weighing only 500g and including the under tray. This item is as above but lighter and needs no sub-frame. Built with high-tech lightweight inserts we picked the whole bike up by the back seat (see photos), although I wouldn't recommend this as standard practice. The best option by far if you want / need to keep the standard profile. £360.00
    Rear sub frame only (to fit std seat) Alloy. Fast Blue/Black/Gold Anodised. (285g) Rear Sub Frame (Std) 85.00
    Front Fairing Stay, including Clock Mounts. Also Fast Blue/Black/Gold. Front Clock-Fairing Stay Front Clock-Fairing Stay1 Front Clock-Fairing Stay2 82.50
    Alloy Rear suspension Tie Rods.7075T6 Std 158g Alloy 48.5g Rear Suspen Tie Rods 65.00
    Rear Ride Height Adjuster HE15/MAGNESIUM - allows for fine tuning of ride height according to preference / track. Ride Height Adj 65.00
    Titanium valve spring retainers. (If you don't want the Valves and Pistons having a very intimate relationship). Ti Retainers NitridedStandard Sp ones are 4.9g these Precision Engineered Titanium retainers are only 2.6g. Increasing spring pre-load by 0.7mm at the same time.
    These must be measured after a seasons use. The minimum thickness of the flange is 1.2mm. Titanium Nitrided, Solution Treated and material Spec' changed tests so far have shown no wear at all.Older Retainers can be Ti Nitrided + Sol treated at 4.00 each.
    268.50 Awaiting new production run
    We can remachine RR buckets to the same Spec' as Sp ones at a fraction of the cost of new Sp buckets. Per Set of 16. note: Sp buckets are 2g Lighter than RR 11.5/13.5g. 68.00/Set
    Valve Springs: RR ones are different and have green paint on them Sp have yellow paint. We Supply Race Kit Yamaha Springs which maintain control of the valves even with high lift cams and 15K+ RPM. Cheap compared to the cost of valves/pistons/con-rods/head etc? 4.05 each
    New Billet 7075T6 bottom yoke and spindle. Std is 2.8Kg This is twice as rigid and is only 1.1Kg. These will be New YokeNew Yoke1anodised in Black. 395.00
    Clutch lift thrust bearing. 28.00
    Exhaust silencers: Carbon/alloy/titanium. 158.00/139.00/179.00
    "system in light weight steel with all fittings.(not including can)this is very similar to the Yamaha system, with a few fzrpipe1changes and gives the best spread of power and is good for 70+bhp @ 10k and 75 @ 14500k"
    We have developed a system with tapered headers, results indicate 4/5 bhp increase at the top end with 2/3 bhp increase in the mid range over straight pipe systems. This also allows you to ditch the heavy EXUP valve system without losing mid-range not only saving weight but the bushes for the valves are hard to find now so most of them rattle like hell.
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  • 595.00

    Link to FAQ re: Oil Way modifications

    Here's a reprint of a mail posted on the 400 list some time ago by Rob Bunyan, quoting James at BDK racing engines regarding a modification to these restrictors as well: "If you measure csa(cross sectional area) of oil loss at rod ie:area of pin minus area of rod inc shells, times 2 for both sides . Plus oil loss for outer main brg(since these are fed together). This is the total area for oil loss assuming the crank is not moving(no centrifugal pull). A rule of thumb is that the supply csa is at least a third larger than the loss csa. This also assumes no 90 degree bends etc. If you look at the oil feed in the btm case it has an arduous path to the outer main and consequently the big end. The oil rises in a 5mm drilling (where the restrictor jets are) and then horizontally in a 6mm hole and then up again at 6mm to the outer big end. The 5mm drilling has to be because they wanted to put a M6 thread in it for the jet. Anyway, take the 5mm hole out to 6mm and then use a thread repair, Time sert or Helicoil, to restore the thread for the oil jet. The reason the main is OK is because it always has sufficient oil and little centrifugal force, however the big end throws the oil away at a considerable rate .Remove more than you are putting in and bang! I have seen hundreds of FZR's with outer b.ends gone. All modified as above sorted them out without fail. "

    We will modify the Oil Gallery's for you if you send the bottom case only, We also ream the horizontal and vertical feeds to the outer main, including replacing the alloy plugs. 100.00

    With Yamaha' or similar exhaust, open carbs with bellmouths, or with kit air box and pipes through to rad/ front of bike. std/mild tune.
    Please note: the slides do not normally go to the top of the sp carbs. Please check! If you want this rectified send us the tops only and we will machine them 25.00. This is worth about 2/3 bhp from 10,000 rpm onwards. Also, sp has 2 removable air jets RR has only one.
    Main Jet 120 to 130 (120 std ish ~65bhp, 130 high comp'~74bhp) Needle Jet as supplied Y-0 3.1mm. Main Air Jet 120 (Most important) This is on LHS when looking in carb mouth,std is 70. Piolet Jet (std 32.5) Piolet Screw 21/2 out. Needle 3.5 position . 5CT-1 (Ti' Yamaha Kit) (groove 1 is at the top), put clip in groove 3, put thin (0.5mm) washer underneath, and then fit plastic holder below thin washer.
    Drill lift holes to 3.00mm.
    We make a copy of the Yamaha Kit air box 60.00
    Also available is fully pressurised Carbon Fibre Airbox (carbs are inside the box), with duct going to the front of the bike over the top of the radiator. The tank becomes the top of the very large air box, ensuring a ready supply of still, pressurised air. Large air filter is used(approx. 16"x10") to provide minimal restriction but clean air.340.00 (includes filter, sealing foam etc.) With the box and duct you would require 132.5/135 M/J , and clip 4 on the needle.

    Ignition Timing


    airbox duct airbox duct

    The alloy sub frame fits inside the frame, and because of this the battery box needs to be moved forwards to allow access to the mounting bolts, when fitting. Re drill, the mounting holes in the battery box about 10/12mm backward from their original position. Using a smaller battery enables the battery box to house the new battery and ignition unit. Alternatively, the ignition etc..can be fitted to the back of the battery box.
    A short length of clear pipe with a plug and small hole for a breather is used as the reservoir for the rear brake.
    The rear suspension bottle should be cable tied to under the Lhs of the subframe, again with some foam in between.

    Enclosed Belly Pan(Catch Tank)
    Fit the new belly pan over the fairing so that the two original mounting positions either side at the back line up. Mark around the fairing with a pen; also mark the positions for the dzus fittings. Remove the belly pan and draw another line (the same width as the flange) on the fairing below your first line. This is where the fairing has to be cut. The belly pan requires a mount either side at the back, enclosed is the Lhs mount that bolts to the frame M10x1.25, the other needs to be made and welded to the exhaust.

    Check the threads in the frame are clean, (they have not been used since the bike was made), and apply some oil This is most important with such a fine thread in alloy. Fit the lock nut just below the hex on the adjuster and screw in to the frame from the top. Put the suspension fork in from underneath, fitting the Allen bolt loosely
    Note: The std position Is when the flange on the fork just touches the frame.
    As the adjuster is screwed down, note the point at which the fork is just starting to lift off the frame.

    One full turn of the adjuster lifts the rear suspension 1.0mm.
    To adjust after assembly, the Allen bolt and magnesium lock nut must be loosened first!


    Adjustable advance Light Weight Rotor Assembly
    Note: Standard Bar End Weights Make Good Flywheel Pullers.
    This computer designed CNC machined rotor and pickup plate are machined from HE30 and EN1A alloys.Coated in zinc passivate the rotor is dynamically balanced, and weighs only 180g compared to the standard flywheel that weighs (1.6Kg).The pickup plate is indexed in 1° increments so that the ignition timing can be manually adjusted from std to 8° advance.
    By reducing the flywheel inertia to a negligible amount, and finding the optimum ignition advance for your particular engine, a gain of between 3 to 5 Bhp can be obtained. Obviously, as the generator is removed, a fully charged battery is required. Race Generator now available for the FZR's.
  • Race Generator Assy'
    I have never seen an FZR want less than 4 o advance over standard with a kit ignition, however people have suggested that 2 o retarded works better. Ours run 7o & 5 o respectivly.

    ROTOR/ PLATE Assembly 120.00 + VAT.

    Rotor Fitting Info'

    Tests for this Rotor assembly were obtained using a Dynojet 150 dynamometer.