CDI Exchange 60.00 (non exchange plus 35.00)
Autisa Big Bore 93cc 105.00 Alloy
Cast Iron Big Bore Kit 93cc 68.50 Iron.
Autisa Head Exchange 38.50 (non exchange plus 40.00)

Carb Kit(21mm delorto & manifold) 98.50

AR50/80/93 carb & Clutch pictures AR50/80/93 carb & Clutch pictures

Boyesen Reeds with hi-flow reed block 58.95
Boyesen reeds 34.95
Bigger Reed Valve Ass'y 85.00. (includes Boyesen reeds).
(Above requires machining the cylinder 40.00).
Machine Cyl and supply bigger red valve assy' 120.00
High Performance Racing Flywheel exchange 30.00
Alloy Rear Sprockets (any size available) 21.50.
Front Sprockets 12 to 16 Teeth. 6.95
BDK Racing Exhaust 175.00 (Mild Steel) (320.00 Titanium)
Six Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit 95.00
Turbo Vane Cranks exchange 110.00
Racing Spark Plugs 5.95
Heavy Duty Clutch Kits 28.95 ( These are as 80cc Clutch and suitable for bikes doing 60+mph)

We also do a clutch for 16+hp machines, which has 2 more plates than the AR80 clutch 79.95See Pic'

AR50/80/93 carb & Clutch pictures

Induction kit(for filters) 4.95

stg 1 (matching ports to liner & correcting casting faults) 30.00.
stg 2 (as above + raising transfers) 45.00.
stg 3 (as above + enlarging all ports, changing scavenge flow angles,
larger boost port, wider inlet, lightening piston & matching to cylinder,
machining head & cylinder faces to suit). 85.00.

Re-boring inc. honing & radiusing ports 35.00.
Autisa Piston kits 23.95.
Crank rebuilds inc. balancing 28.95. (Racing B.end Brg)
Con rod kits 28.95.
Complete engine re-build 85.00 plus parts.
Thread repairs from 8.00.
H.Duty Stator Coils (ignition) 48.50. (knackered ones won't run race CDI's) .

Reconditioned rear shock 82.50.
All prices are subject to VAT


AR graph AR80 motorbike

Please note : When fitting performance parts it is essential that the carburettor jetting and ignition timing are set up correctly. You must use an NGK B8 or B9ES or HS depending on Head Type (or equivalent) Spark plug. If you are unsure please contact us before destroying your engine!!!!!!!!

This is an example of a Race Tuned AR with a 93cc kit, Delorto Carb Kit, Race Clutch and Exhaust. Top Speed is about 98mph, Unfaired.

HP Graph Tuned AR93