CBR600 Ignitions
CBR600 Ignitions. CBR600 Ignitions. CBR600 Ignitions.

Not very much info' at this time! Sorry about the poor quality of the dyno run, this was taken a long time ago, and is scanned in. I will update.
We can reprogram your standard unit to 14,250/14,500 rpm(without opening the box) for 180.00 + vat. With a better advance curve than the HRC Kit ignition.
( I have direct comparison curves which I will upload)
When these were current in the British Superbike Series and you were not allowed to change the ignition we did ALL the CBR's on the track, and were consequently guaranteed good results! But we couldn't advertise this. However, this was eventually realised by the powers that be, and they allowed any ignition system to be used. This allowed in very expensive fully programable systems, which are outside the scope of non factory/ well sponsored teams. We can now offer re-programing of the standard unit to mere mortals.
Takes 2/3 Days normally.