Honda/Aprilia, RS125 Ignition Curve Changer


Product Description:

The Curve Changer enables you to advance the static timing giving you more mid-range power but still allowing the engine to rev out at the top end.



        Remove the static timing cover on the right hand side of the engine.


        Advance the timing to maximum advance.


        Replace the timing cover.


        Locate the 16 way connector that is plugged into the CDI and disconnect


        Ease the outer sleeving back as far as possible (75mm), you may need to carefully cut the sleeving to gain access to the wires.


        With the 16 way connector facing away from you and the black wire to the left hand side, locate the yellow wire with white stripe and the blue wire with white stripe.


        Gently remove enough insulation 40mm back from the 16 way connector from the selected wires. Solder the Curve Changer RED to the yellow/white striped wire. Solder the Curve Changer BLUE wire to the blue/white wire.


        Tape the joints with insulation tape. Ease back the outer sleeving. Plug in the curve changer.


Handy Tip:

After you have tested your bike ( remember to allow for carburetion changes due to the extra power now available) you can obtain more static advance by extending the slot.