Formula 1 Power Boats.

Here is a picture of the Fastest Formula 1 Boat in the World - and that includes the Americans! Alan Marshall was the driver and we built the engine. The record has been standing since '96, and we broke it after an all night stint, building the engine! 141.68 miles per hour average over a 2km run. That makes him the second fastest man on Lake Windemere ever! We also broke the 2 litre record class at 139 miles per hour which makes it Two World records on one motor.

For those that don't know these are a V6 Two Stroke 2 litre Engine.

F1 Boats F1 Boats
F1 Boats


Racing Boat Engines.


Since 1996 we have been preparing the Yamaha 70C and the 850, plus the similar Selva and Johnson.

The engines that have been modified by us now fill 90% of the starting lines locally, and always the top places.

We are able to offer all sorts of repairs to the engine cases, (we have seen most things).

Damaged combustion chambers can be welded, and then remachined on our CNC machine, so we can accurately set squish and compression ratios.

We have been bringing the liners and porting up to spec' (which is within the rules), by hand until recently.

Now we have a 4th Axis we are able to remachine the liners very accurately before fitting them. This enables us to tighten up port areas, to get the very best Specific Port Time Area and stay within the port specification for the rules. A perfectly controlled radius on the top edge of the exhaust port maximises the area without the rings snagging on the port edge. With the best will in the world you can't do this by hand. The liners can be easily fitted with our indexing jig, this gets the ports to line up perfectly without having to match the ports afterwards by hand.


This also means you can buy Liners from us ready ported to fit yourself, £145 each.

The liners are the highest grade Centrifugal Die Cast Iron, we could get.

Or if you would like them fitted (all 3 )and the block skimmed, £120 ( plus liners)

The block bored (all 3) and honed, port edges radiused, to suit your pistons, £90

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