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    We have now developed a race generator that can be adapted to fit almost any bike! With almost all new bikes being fuel injected the option to run a “total loss” system on a race bike has become impossible due to the drains from the bigger fuel pumps and injectors. As many people know, buying a Factory Kit generator for most bikes is hideously expensive, for example the HRC generator for the CBR600RR costs around £2000! Our generators (depending on model) cost around £600+Vat and the list of ‘off the shelf and ready to fit’ items is growing.


    Why would you want to buy a race generator?


    The standard generators on bikes are designed to run ancillaries such as headlights etc and as such need to be able to supply significantly more power than you will ever need on a race bike. This means you can use a significantly smaller (and more importantly lighter, up to 4Kg) system, therefore reducing the weight of the crankshaft assembly. Gains from fitting one of our systems include reduced gyroscopic forces and inertia, better throttle response and probably more importantly an extra 3-5+bhp everywhere! Some systems include the ability to adjust the ignition timing(depending on model). The generators can also be fitted to carbureted bikes for people who are fed up of the race meeting chore of remembering to charge their battery, I can think of a few people who have lost races due to forgetting to do this! Most of the BSB, French and German bikes running at top level use our kits. We sell these kits to people all over the world, and have dealers in Italy, USA, Spain, Portugal, Czech Rep, Germany, Oz, South Africa, etc etc. We also make kits for the new Moto2 Series, developed along side the various teams.


    As with everything, the kits are being continuosly updated, straight from feed back by race teams. The new T675 and SV650 have an even lighter Rotor Assembly, the R6 2011 has a lighter Rotor and an updated cover for increased ground clearance. R1 and GSXR 1000 K9 also available now. The new regulators are even lighter and more efficient, these allow more out put at lower rpm, without the extra heat at 17k rpm or more.


    For more information on these systems and availability for your bike please call Brock on (44) (0) 1508 481713 or email If we don’t already supply a kit for your bike we can arrange for one to be made at no extra cost!