The Standard ignition requires the exup valve to be connected for the ignition to work properly. It also requires an aftermarket derestriction box like M Max, the bits and peices from the rear of the spedo to be connected and the side stand to be isolated It also has a 14,500 rev limiter.
We are now able to modify the standard ignition unit to make it exactly the same as the kit ignition,(15,400rpm, advanced curve) it has the same ignition timing and the exup works at the same time as the race kit unit. This no longer requires any of the ancililary's (exup motor, m max, spedo bits and peices or side stand to be connected,)
From the bikes we have fitted these to, the difference is bettween nothing and 6bhp.

If you are interested I can send one for testing/evaluation, and refund you if you don't want it.

As far as I am aware the kit ignition numbers are:
everything else is either standard UK spec' or restricted.
The restricted ones have a 3 pin connector and 3 wires coming out of the center of the box. The other wires are for the servo motor.

The cost of buying a modified unit is 240.00 +vat
To modify your unit is 160.00 +vat

FZR400RRSp Ignitions FZR400RRSp Ignitions.                 FZR400RRSp Ignitions Component Layout FZR400RRSp Ignitions.

FZR400RRSp Simple Race Loom FZR400RRSp Full Race Loom. FZR400RRSp Full Race Loom FZR400RRSp Simple Race Loom.

FZR400RRSp Simple Race Loom FZR400RRSp Simple Race Loom Picture.

This Loom is the same as the Diagram"Simple Race Loom", except that it does not have the charging system on it. The fuel pump relay is supplied and all the connectors are 'Yamaha' so they plug straight into your existing ancileries, eg: CDI, kill switch, fuel pump etc. The lead to the dash also has an extra +/- 12v feed for other components fitted , eg: Q.Shifter /Revcounter /Electronic Temp Gague. All the terminals are marked Coil 1&4, Crank Pick up etc.

On the shelf 120.00 + vat.

Details for the connectors: all the connectors have a yellow sheath showing the wire colour, and what it is for. If this is lost or removed, the details are below.

Wiring Colours
Dash   Switches  
Orange 12V supply(switched) Purple Starter
Black Earth Red 12V
Green Tacho Orange 12V(switched)
Blue Water Temp Black Earth