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Welcome to BDK Race Engineering KMX200's

Early Days for this part of the site, not finished by a long way, but wanted to get it live as soon as possible. Apologies for the scruffyness in advance.

The KIPS Valves on early KMX200's were Alloy, and didn't last that long, Hence Kawasaki updated and redesigned them.

New design and made in steel. However, soon after that they discontinued them. We haven't made the rack because we haven't been asked for them, if there is a significant requirement we will make these as well.

We have copied the valves and the Top Bearing, they are now available.

KMX200/125 Price Price  
KMX200 KIPS Valves AVI £39.50 each £72.00 Pair

KMX200 KIPS Valves Kit, Valves, bushes and O rings.


  £80.00 Cart
Fitting Details.      
KMX200 KIPS Bottle Extender (this increases bottom end/midrange power)KIPS Spacer 25.00 25.00 Cart
KMX125 KIPS Bottle Extender (this increases bottom end/midrange power)KIPS Spacer KMX125 25.00 25.00  
KMX200 Top Bearing for KIPS Valve, Inc O ring.KIPS Spacer 4.95 Each 7.92 Pair Cart
KMX125/200 B1, B2, A2 and A3 Cylinders Replated N/A 135.00  

KMX200 Piston Kits (Oversizes Available)

Piston Kit



KMX200 Full Gasket Set N/A 26.80  
KMX200 Top Set N/A 16.72  


Con Rod Kit

N/A 45.90 Cart
Build and Balance Crank (INC C.ROD KIT) N/A 90.90  
Rod Kit, Mains, Seals and Rebuild Crank. N/A 110.22  




About Us

BDK was established in 1987. Over the past 20 years we have been involved with many interesting projects and have built up a good reputation in many forms of motorsport. Our main forte is motorcycle engineering but we also build race engines for Speedboats and have turned our hand to many a fascinating project over the years whether it be motorcycle or not.

Started European Classic Racing about 5 years ago, with much success. See "The Team and Our Projects" page for more info.


Amonsgt all the specialist services, parts and jobs listed around the website below is a selection of other services we supply. Please contact Brock for more info.

  • Reboring
  • Engine rebuilds (2 and 4 stroke)
  • Crankshaft Rebuilds (2 stroke)
  • Carbon Fibre parts
  • Custom machining with in house services including CNC mill/CADCAM facilities
  • All forms of welding, titianium, stainless, aluminium etc
  • Valve seat/guide replacement/manufacture
  • Race Preparation
  • Tuning 2 and 4 stroke
  • 33bhp Restriction kits custom made, fitted and certificate supplied
  • Quad bike restriction and certificate for road use purposes
  • Spare parts aftermarket and genuine
  • A good cup of tea!


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