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This is a New Page, so although we have done many things over the years most are not on here, we will find pictures and details where available, and post as soon as time allows.

CAM Journal Repair

Yamaha YFM 660 Grizzly. Cam and Journals were completely dead, the head had melted cam imbedded in it !! New Cam, welded up the Journals, Line Bored and Honed to suit. Good To Go.

Front Brake Caliper Bracket for CR250.

Adjustable Cam and Gear for Aermacchi 350.

Carbon Disc Valves, with teflon seats for Ringhini 350, Also shows Race Alternator. 90bp 110Kg !!

TZR125 Race Pipes, Lomas Expansion, with Race Can. £125.00+ vat



KTM80 Cylinder Bored to 105cc, P.Valve and Cylinder built up with weld, and remachined to suit. Machining the compound surface to match to the p.valve proved to be an interesting challenge.