We have been designing and manufacturing various one off systems for motorcycle/Kart/F1 Boat applications, and now can offer these systems for racing/road applications.
The examples below are using a 70mph fan Except for the last FZR one and the SV650 these were done before we had a decent fan which should be rectified after Christmas (Electricty Donations Gratefully Received)

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ZXR4A-box ZXR4 Intake ZXR400 Dyno
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    FZR400RRSp and FZR400RR
    FZR400RRSp Intake FZR400RRSp Ram Air FZR400 Dyno FZR400 Dyno MPH FZR400 Dyno RPM Neil's Old FZR, Jason Holland's 2001 Bike,Before we had a 70mph Fan on the Dyno
    neil dyno1
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  • Data Sheet Air Box/Duct.

    SV650 Air Box SV650 Air Box SV650DYNO
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    M1 Duct
    This is a Picture of the Yamaha M1 Duct Remarkably Similar to Our designs.