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Regulator - Rectifier with no Heat



3 Phase Regulator/Rectifier.

Every year a high number of alternators fail due to lack of heat transfer and cooling. One reason for this is imbedded in the design of many Japanese and aftermarket regulators. They work by short circuiting the generator, and by doing so the regulator is running at 100% capacity all the time. This way the excess power produced at high rpm by the generator is transferred from electrical energy to heat in the alternator and the regulator.

            Our regulators work by disconnecting the alternator from the regulator when there is sufficient voltage in the battery. Because the alternator is running without any load it produces less heat and resistance. This design lengthens the life of both the alternator and the regulator, and less resistance on the engine (= more power).

            The ultimate output of the regulator voltage is adjustable and this product is suitable for use with all types of Lithium racing batteries.

            There is an LED fitted to the regulator which shows when the regulator is overcoming load on the system.

This will work with ALL types of 3 phase alternators and generators.

The 3 phase Regulator/Rectifier MUST run with a battery at ALL times.


The regulator is connected to the alternator by the 3 wires in no particular order. The red wire is connected to the battery +ve, via a fuse (fitted). The black wire is connected to the battery –ve. The thin blue wire is connected to a switched +ve 12V supply (so no drain occurs when the vehicle is off).

  • You cannot test or run the regulator without the battery connected.
  • The battery and alternator must be charged and in good working order.
  • Always ensure the battery is fully charged before starting.
  • When mounting the regulator please ensure there is good airflow and as much space as possible around it. Spacers behind the regulator will allow extra airflow behind it.


Price £180.00 + vat and carriage.