Fitting info for rotor.

Note: Standard Bar End Weights Make Good Flywheel Pullers.

Use the three screws provided to attach the red plate to the cover.

Note that the cover has a threaded boss bettween the original threads for the pick up coil. This has a pointed lug on it which is used as the indicator for the markings on the red pick up plate.

The mark nearest the 'o' mark is original timing.

The other marks are 1o increments of advance. I would suggest you set this to 4o to start with.

Remove the original rotor (Don't loose the key in the shaft) and replace with the new one taking care to line the key way up. This must be done up tight, an air ratchet is the easiest way, but you can do it by holding the rotor with the two flats provided.

The wires from the genny and the pick up coil run through the same tube, the best way to disconnect these is to take the spade connectors out of the three pin connector(they have a small tang on one side) which can be released by pushing a very small screw driver(flat blade) down the side of the brass spade from the opposite end of where the wires go into the plastic housing. The tube is heat sealed at one end, cut this with a small knife( but don't damage the wires). You should now be able to pull the three white or yellow wires out one at a time, and release the genny windings from the pick up coil. These wires can be re-connected any way round if the genny is refitted at a later date.

If you choose to take the wires out of the pick up coil instead they must be put back the same way around.

Fit the pick up coil on to the black plate the wires should be trapped in the groove in the black plate, tie the wires to one of the old pick up coil mounts so they cannot foul the rotor.

Make sure the cover is re-fitted with two locating dowels.

Any problems e-mail me.