Carbon Fibre Parts. 99.9% of motorcycle Parts made and sold as Carbon fibre may as well be glass fibre, (GRP) Glass reinforced plastic. This is because they are made with a process called 'wet lay'. They are comparativly heavy and have no real strength at all. Which is fine for mudguards and cosmetic parts or parts that require some flexibility. Only now are people like Dymag using Specialist F1 derived technologies to making Swingarms, Wheels etc.
Currently we have available ;

  • (3TJ) Clutch cover. 300g Standard is 1.2Kg.
    Carbon Bellmouths. FZR400RRSp            
    Bellmouths Bellmouths1 Carburettor Bellmouths (for FCR 32.0mm).
    Air box and Duct(3TJ) . Earlier FZR's soon.
    Under Tray For Std Seat.
  • Carbon Under Tray.
    Starter drive Cover.
    Curved Seat Unit.
  • Carbon Seat Unit.
    Full Fairing.

    Bellmouths 30mm (Carbon Fibre) Per set.(FCR's) J120.00 + vat FCR Bmouths

  • Ramair Box And Duct, the standard air box can still be fitted inside this if required for some race series.

    NSR125 Fork Brace1 NS125F/R Carbon Fork Brace.
    Solid Pre-preg carbon Twice as strong as the original Alloy one. 45.00 +vat NSR125 Fork Brace

    RG4/500 Carbon Oil Tank Conversion, these will be with Carbon Discs to seal ports for original air inlets, I will post pictures as they come available.
    The original Oil Level sender unit srews in, as standard, and the original Rubber Filler Cap can be used.

    Ideal for converting the back end of your RG, no more worries about where to put the oil tank and battery. Uses RGV250 Battery.
    Solid Pre-preg carbon. 140.00 +vat RG5 Carbon Oil Tank