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Welcome to BDK Race Engineering TR750's

Very Early Days for this part of the site, not finished by a long way, but wanted to get it live as soon as possible. Apologies for the scruffyness in advance. Some links on the left don't work but I think all the pictures do, (the interesting bits).

The Beginning.

I have had a GT750 for many years. In 2000 we wanted to take a trip to Eastern Europe, but with a young son this wasn't so practical unless we had a bike for 3! So I bought a sidecar and bolted it on. Maiden voyage was to the MOT and then on to Harwich. Little bit of a learning curve but got on fine. Poland was our first stop. The following year we went to Russia via Estonia.

After racing the Sidecar I wanted to make it faster, hence the long traul around for TR information and performance. My first contact was Karl Hübben in Aachen, who was very helpful and lent me the first parts needed for this long project. Since which time I have come across some extreemly helpfull and trusting sources of parts. ( I won't mention the not so nice ones).

Unfortunately I'm not that interested in creating websites. However my interest lies in the creating replica TR's that go even better than they look. The first runs on the dyno sidecar made a 100bhp and 75ftlbs of torque with very little effort so properly sorted the TR should be up near 130/140bhp.

One off or 10 off parts are expensive, hence there is no source for these parts at sensible cost. I want to try and make these available for anyone that wants to build a TR, or just make their GT faster. We have to make the parts for our own bike, so we are making them available to anyone who wants to buy the bits as well. This is an enourmous investment for a small company so our intention is to make the castings, gears, clutch parts etc and sell enough parts to cover tooling costs, thus enabling us to make the next bits. So far we have the parts below on the shelf, and although the rest of the parts are drawn as solid models it will be the early part of 2012 before they become available. People that want to wait untill everything is available off the shelf will have to pay the full price for these parts, while people that help us by buying the parts as they are made will be offered a pre production price.

Below are some pictures of some of the patterns we have made from modeling block, by drawing a solid model and then machining it on the CNC. Allowing for shrinkage and adding material to faces that are going to be machined. Some parts like the Water Manifold are made by rapid Prototype, because they would be even harder to machine from solid. Everything also needs draft or taper so the pattern can be removed from the sand without damaging the shape it has created.

Inside Ig Cover Pattern

No walk in the park!!.

Patterns ready for casting Inside Pattern Outside Pattern Clutch pressure Plate patterns Clutch pressure Plate patterns


Parts that are finished.


Early LHS Case Early LHS Case and Cover Later LHS Case Later LHS Cover and Case Fairing Mount Back Fairing Rubber Mount Cover and Grommet  Grommet



It is possible to get TR cylinders from the standard ones, with ALL the detail. The Daytona ones wern't anything special except for a bridge in the exhaust port. The head was nicer and looked good, but again not too different inside.

Daytona Cyls.

Daytona Cylinders Daytona Cylinders Daytona Cylinders Daytona Cylinders

With the sidecar as soon as we went anywhere over 100bhp we had head gasket problems, and it truly lived upto its name as the kettle! After messing about with all the normal mods I got fed up and spent a few days scanning the gasket face and making provision for O rings. A bit of a pain in the neck as all these heads and blocks are different so most of them require a small tweak before machining. Pictures below of one after O rings fitted, no more water leaks and they can be reused many times without the need for replacement. If they do need replacing the cost for a full set is about £8/£10. Added some dowels to make sure it all lines up.

GT Block with O rings GT Block with O rings Downdraught Inlets GT to TR Inlets

LHS (T/S) Water Pump and Rev Counter Gears etc.

After making the case and cover and trying to use the standard gear from the crank and plastic gear from the water pump drive, we had some success, but always problems. So the only solution was to copy the TR ones. This however enabled us to make it lighter, more reliable and incorporate an adaptor sleeve to pick up the gear, the bearing and seal in the case and also the rotor for the ignition. The TR used something very similar to the RHS web on the LHS, but it was slightly bigger where the gear pushed on. The gears we have made will fit a Genuine TR crank as well as the standard GT crank using the standard LHS web. See Below.

T/S Section T/S Section W.Pump and Rev Drive Gears W.Pump and Rev Drive Gears W.Pump and Rev Drive GearsW.Pump and Rev Drive Gears

First Picture.

Standard Crank in Red, gear in Blue, sleeve in Green, Ignition Rotor light grey. As you would guess nice polystyrene box for the new crank! Note the last picture shows an early gear without any lightening holes. We have keyed the sleeve to the crank and the rotor is keyed to sleeve so it can be removed/replaced without having to re time it.


Three Pull Throttle.

More rare than a rare thing, I have only ever seen one, most experts don't even realise they existed. When they went down the road they were one of the first things to die. Most TR's I have seen have an RG500 throttle, with one of the cables unused. The RG came after the TR's and you could buy all the bits for them.

Three Pull Throttle Four Pull Throttle Three Pull Throttle Three Pull Throttle Ready for Machining

Avi 3 pull

Avi 4 Pull Too big, will load later (245Mb)


This is what happens if your using a modified standard clutch with 120 bhp at the start!!

Broken Clutch too much power


So you might need one of these?

Dry Clutch 75/76 Dry Clutch 75/76 (2) Dry Clutch 75/76 Dry Clutch 75/76

Suzuki had a problem with the clutch getting too hot, not that surprising really, so from the very first ones they tried to cool it. All it really needed was some holes in the top pressure plate and some more in the perimeter of the basket. Then it acts like a fan, pulling air in through the middle and sending it out around the perimeter of the basket. (just like a much later RGV500 1992 ish) Note in the pictures we have made a copy of the early top pressure plate for those that want authenticity, although most people at the time added 6 small holes near the center, so we have included these. The later top pressure plates didn't have the webs and had more holes, shame they didn't think about where the air was going to get out! To this end we have added slots around the outside of the basket (see pics above).

If anyone knows what model this is or which country it was used in we would be interested to find out. Daytona Cylinders and oil filler. Interesting Clutch Cover?

Dry Clutch Cover Possibly First One

Riding One.

I was lucky that a very nice man lent me a TR in 2011 to copy some parts and to ride. We took it to Schleiz, and although caution was the word as it had the original 1974 tyres (PZ2's),it was awesome, pulled like a train and didn't need the six gears. The sound was unbelievable!!!! Beats any fireworks display :). Started in a couple of steps, and handled very well. Not sure that would have been the case if I'd pushed it harder, but with modern tyres I am sure it would be a lot better. It is an early one, with the Daytona Cylinders, and the newer clutch. It was geared for about 180 mph according to the dyno, so probably hadn't turned a wheel since it came back from Daytona in 73/74? Made 90 bhp and 75 ftlbs of torque.

Schleiz Schleiz Schleiz


People we would like to say a BIG thank you to and without who most of this would not have been possible:

Karl huben (link to his site)

Dave Pitcher.

Steve Wheatman, Team Classic Suzuki.

Dave Blundel.

Bob White.

Paul Streets.





About Us

BDK was established in 1987. Over the past 20 years we have been involved with many interesting projects and have built up a good reputation in many forms of motorsport. Our main forte is motorcycle engineering but we also build race engines for Speedboats and have turned our hand to many a fascinating project over the years whether it be motorcycle or not.

Started European Classic Racing about 5 years ago, with much success. See "The Team and Our Projects" page for more info.


Amonsgt all the specialist services, parts and jobs listed around the website below is a selection of other services we supply. Please contact Sam for more info.

  • Reboring
  • Engine rebuilds (2 and 4 stroke)
  • Crankshaft Rebuilds (2 stroke)
  • Carbon Fibre parts
  • Custom machining with in house services including CNC mill/CADCAM facilities
  • All forms of welding, titianium, stainless, aluminium etc
  • Valve seat/guide replacement/manufacture
  • Race Preparation
  • Tuning 2 and 4 stroke
  • 33bhp Restriction kits custom made, fitted and certificate supplied
  • Quad bike restriction and certificate for road use purposes
  • Spare parts aftermarket and genuine
  • A good cup of tea!


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