AR50 / 80 / 93 Race CDI Exchange Service

AR50 / 80 / 93 Race CDI Exchange Service
AR50 / 80 / 93 Race CDI Exchange Service AR50 / 80 / 93 Race CDI Exchange Service AR50 / 80 / 93 Race CDI Exchange Service AR50 / 80 / 93 Race CDI Exchange Service AR50 / 80 / 93 Race CDI Exchange Service
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You have to send us your restricted, working CDI for this item!

 KAWASAKI AR50 / AR80 / AR93 Race CDI Exchange

This is an exchange service of your standard, fully functioning AR50 or AR80 CDI for a BDK tuned race CDI.

By simply replacing the standard CDI with this one you can transform a good 50 from a 30mph bike to around 45mph.  
It is an absolute essential if you are going to tune your AR or you want better performance from it.

The box works by changing the ignition curve significantly - on a standard ignition the spark is occuring 0.1mm before TDC or less from 6500rpm so the explosion is chasing the already disappearing piston giving no appreciable power just more noise and revs.

Our ignition curve gives almost twice as much advance as the standard ignition at its highest point and still has 1.5mm more advance at 6500 rpm and still has 0.4mm of advance at 14000rpm.  This gives the flame sufficient time to spread and build pressure on the top of the piston to force it down.  Because of this the bike will continue to push and make power up to these revs and allow significantly more of the engine's power to be released.

It also has less advance from static making the bike easier to start.

Of course this does mean that you will have to use your brain and rev counter to keep yourself out of the red line (unless of course you want to be there).

You will see the ignition graph comparisons in the photos - the above is a rough explanation for those who don't understand what they're looking at.

Please remember to include your contact details in with your CDI when you send it to us so we know whose it is.  If you are mailing your CDI from outside the EU then please remember to put an exceptionally low value on the item - import duty and charges start very low in the UK and any costs of importing your CDI will be passed on to you.  For this reason it is often simpler to purchase a CDI we have bought here, tested and modified instead of sending your own.  
We will test the CDI on a bike we have here and post out an already altered CDI the same day if we have some in stock.

Usually we have good stock of these, but of course we make quite a number at a time so there will always be a point when we run out.  This means that you may have a delay of 2-3 days whilst we make some more.

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