Spark plug NGK BR9ES

Spark plug NGK BR9ES
Spark plug NGK BR9ES
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NGK BR9ES Spark plug

Well known NGK quality spark plug 

This is quite a cold plug for use in hot engines

Thread 14mm x 1.25  with 20.8mm hex
Resistor type plug
Torque setting cast iron head 25-35Nm, aluminium head 25-30Nm
Or - finger tight plus 2/3 of a turn FRESH
finger tight plus 1/12 of a turn USED
19mm thread reach
Standard super copper core centre electrode

Ideally the whole of the thread should be engaged in the head to assist heat dissipation with no thread sticking out on the inside.

If the electrode is recessed within the spark plug hole the explosion will not be as effective and the explosion may take longer to propagate 

Equivalent of:
 Bosch WR3CC
Champion RN2 / RN2C
Denso 6069
Honda part  98079-59816
Italjet  94029
Kawasaki  E92070-1109
Yamaha  94702 00188

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