Back plate BP01

Back plate BP01
Back plate BP01
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replacement part

 Back Plate BP01

Mounting plate for generator cup converts standard mounting in casing to one adapted for our generator kit.

When replacing this part it is important to remember to fully and thoroughly clean and dry threads of the generator casing and those of the machined M6x10 button head screws which mount the plate to the casing.

The back plate should be threaded onto the stator wires before the grommet or stator plug is fitted.  In some instances it is possible to gently squeeze the grommet through the back-plate to avoid removal and replacement.  

The stator plug pins can be removed from the block by pushing the wire into the block firmly whilst sliding a slender pin between the pin and the connector block on the inside face and then withdrawing the pin.  If you do this you MUST ensure that the locking tab is intact and bent back into place before refitting the pin into the block - listen for a positive 'click' and check that it cannot be easily pulled out by the wire.

We recommend that you ALWAYS use fresh holo-crome M5x25 button head screws when mounting the stator cup to the plate.

Use plenty of thread-lock on ALL threaded fasteners.

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