Reed block V-force 3 V313A

Reed block V-force 3   V313A
Reed block V-force 3   V313A
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V-force 3 reed block

Now well known as the leading reed block improvement over standard V-force blocks have several significant advantages over standard reed blocks:
  • Twice the tip surface area
  • Greater flow rates (you need more in to get more out)
  • Reeds are carbon fibre (light and super strong)
  • More evenly distributed fuel/air mix within the outlet
  • Reeds travel less far which means faster reaction time 
  • Less energy wasted bending the reeds further back
  • Increased longevity of the reeds due to reduced distortion
  • Increased longevity of the reeds due to lower inertia on the reed tips

If you are buying these for use on your KR1 / KR1-S / KR1-R please note that the air guide (stuffer) included in the kit should be discarded - best performance will be achieved by buying the appropriate air guide for your carbs listed separately.

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