Cylinder Block Tuning.

Cylinder Block Tuning.
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Cylinder Block Tuning.

 There are many variants to tuning the cylinders for a GT or TR spec machine. 

I will try to separate these here, and also in other listings collate them into a complete top end tune for road or track use.

The easiest and most cost effective way to get the ports where you want them, is to lift the cylinders with a spacer plate, depending on state of tune and performance controls how much they are lifted. Obviously if the ports are lifted the bottom of the port has to be moved down to compensate for this. We work on the top edge of the port as well, but a spacer plate means you don't have to dig out 3/4mm's of material and blend the rest of the port to suit. There can be an issue taking so much out of the top of the port that you end up in the water jacket on some models of cylinder. Clearly the top of the block has to have a similar amount machined off. The TR's simply had more machined off the top of the cylinder block and less off the bottom. Included some Inlet Port Work, and bridge, to match to either 38mm or smaller carbs. If the Inlets are tipped a significant part of this work is done on the CNC. 

This is for tuning the block and machining the correct amount off the top, depending on what type of head is used, or thickness of spacer. We need information regarding pipes, head, performance required etc. 

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