Three Bond - 1207B

Three Bond - 1207B
Three Bond - 1207B
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Gasketting Silicone

 Three Bond 1207B

B1207B is a single-component, non-slumping paste, solvent free and non-acid RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone liquid gasket which begins to set in minutes. Perfect for sealing complex three point surfaces of cylinder blocks, oil pans, valve covers and joint surfaces with large clearances to prevent oil, water, gasoline and chemical leaks. Recommended for all automotive, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile and ATV engines. The Loctite equivalent product would be the 5970, The Threebond 1207B Has prove to be a far superior product in terms of quality.


• Effective temperature range -60°C to +250°C.

• Outstanding mechanical resistance against vibration.

• Extremely fast curing.

• Resistive to engine oil and long life coolants.

• Sensor safe.

- Tack free time
  7 minutes

Directions for Use

• In order to fully utilize the performance of the liquid gasket, it is recommended to eliminate oil, dirt and any previous gasket material from the work. Oil and grease can be effectively removed by cleaning with TB6602W Super Cleaner.

• TB1207B may be applied directly from the tube.

• Cut nozzle to desired bead size, 3mm is suitable for most applications.

• Apply a uniform continuous bead to the sealing flange and assemble the parts immediately or within 5 minutes whilst silicone is still wet. Tighten bolts to specified torque – no need to re-torque later.

• Assemble parts immediately or within 5 minutes.

Handling precautions

• TB1207B liquid gasket is safe to handle as long as normal hygienic practices are observed.

• Avoid breathing fumes and repeated or prolonged skin contact.

• Contact with skin in such conditions should be avoided by using gloves or barrier creams.

• Refer to the product MSDS for further details.

• Use and keep out of reach of children.


• Keep the container upright, tightly sealed and store in a dry cool place avoiding direct sunlight.


• 100g tube.

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