Lightweight Aluminium Tie Rods / Dog bones

Lightweight Aluminium Tie Rods / Dog bones
Lightweight Aluminium Tie Rods / Dog bones
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Ride height adjustment



Performance enhancing to seriously reduce weight and improve appearance

 The standard ones are 0.5Kg each, these are 155g each (for short version)

Due to popular demand we now supply these tie-rods in three different lengths:

Standard length set - for direct replacement of the originals but of course much lighter and good looking.  Originals are most often worn by now and reduce the performance of the suspension.

Short set - these raise the ride height by lifting the grab rail by about an inch which returns the ride height to about normal on a tired shock or makes the handling feel more modern and front end focused.  Does a good job of making pillion riding more comfortable.

Long set - These are for those who wish to lower the attitude of the bike or bring is back closer to the original whilst using the longer but more modern and adjustable rear shocks intended for the R6.

The Dimensions for each set are (centre to centre):

Short (3.5)MM:135mm



These are NOT the horrible and cheaply made versions seen elsewhere made of steel and without the waisted pins which have three functions:  To give space to pack plenty of grease, to give somewhere for corrosion/wear to go with minimum interference with bush performance and reduced weight.  Performance is not compromised as the forces are applied to both ends of the pin not to the centers.

CNC Machined out of billet aluminium and clear anodised with carbon steel shafts and aluminium anodised washers.

Trick up your RD!

Now available are the nylon bushes to go with these tie rods at a fraction of the price of the Yamaha part but with the same high quality that has come to be synonymous with BDK made items.

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