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BDK Race Engineering

Our prices are based on £20 per hour + VAT. End costs shall be dictated by the size, detail and condition of the component. For a quote you can send or bring the parts to us for inspection or call us and we’ll try to give you a more accurate guide. Below are some price ranges to give you an idea of cost.

£70 - £200 for a set of engine cases

£15 for a small motorcycle rocker cover

£25 to £70 each for 250cc - 750cc motorcycle crank case halves.

£60 - £75 each for 4 stroke 750cc+ crank case halves

£15 - £35 each for 2 stroke motorcycle cylinder heads

£25 - £45 each for 2 stroke cylinder barrels (depending on detail and number of fins)

Finally.....a Local Solution for those Restoration Needs

We are a well established privately owned company with many years experience in motorcycle restoration and just like you we're enthusiasts working on our own projects as well.

Whether it's a vintage restoration, a daily rider or an aluminium intake for your car, camper, boat, or any other vehicle - we can help you along the way with Vapour-blasting parts, cleaning carbs in our Ultrasonic Machine or just degreasing those engine cases. We're here to help with preserving the serious hobbyist's parts and components.

Vapour Blasting

You'll never go back to the old way of trying to refinish those parts after having them Vapour-blasted.

Contact us today to get started!

Call or email Brock:

Telephone: 01508 481713

We can also zinc passivate (gold) or nickel plated (silver) all have the bolts, clamps and fittings.  Welding and machining crankcases etc can all be made part of the job in-house.  Ring for details!